Police Brutality & Misconduct Violations

Proving that a police officer used excessive force against a citizen can be a daunting task. The victim must recount exactly what happened during the encounter as accurately as possible. Due to stress and other harm caused by the incident, exact recall can be incredibly challenging. Adding to the difficulties, most violations happen when there aren’t any other reliable witnesses present.

How We Help

Our attorneys at PLC Law Group tap into our network of vetted resources to conduct our investigation. We work with a group of experienced investigators to find evidence that corroborates your account. And combine it with our knowledge of proper police procedures to build a solid case on your behalf. We understand it is important to paint a full picture of what took place, not just the one moment in time. We view our clients as a member of our team. Together, we will fight for the justice you deserve. If you are a lawyer whose client has suffered severe injuries or death from police misconduct, we are here to help. With our experience in California civil rights litigation, we can help your clients receive the maximum compensation for the violation of their rights.

Making Los Angeles Better

Frequently, officers feel justified in abusing their authority because other officers within their department behave similarly. The goal of PLC Law Group is to get comprehensive justice for everyone victimized by police misconduct. This includes monetary compensation for our clients and the change of police procedures and laws for the community. In Los Angeles and throughout Southern California, combating police misconduct is what we do daily.

If you or a loved one has been a victim of police brutality or misconduct, please contact us at (310) 400–5890 to discuss your case. Contact us today with any questions or for a free consultation.